Jun 2, 2011

4 Years


It's true! By the way, he also shoved cake in my face for the record. We both tried to fake the other out that we wouldn't... and then we did. It doesn't feel like it was 4 years ago when I met my hubby at the alter. It was a beautiful, hot sunny day. Since our wedding, we've been lucky with warm sunny weather every anniversary weekend. This Saturday is going to be a gorgeous day! I'm thankful for that since this Saturday is our son's first birthday party!

I wanted to share my cake topper with you. This is one of the most meaningful pieces to date from our wedding. Before my husband and I were even engaged, we were browsing the Christmas section at Target together. Okay, I made him come with me to look at the Christmas decor. To my surprise, he grabbed a Christmas ornament and suggested it would make a great cake topper. He told me how it looked like us as a couple. How thoughtful, how cute, I bought it without a thought. Because of the sincere and sweet place that cake topper/tree ornament came from it means so much to me. After our wedding, I crafted it back into a Christmas ornament and every year it hangs on our tree as a gentle reminder of our special day.

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