Aug 26, 2011

Postcard Love

Personalized weddings are expected these days. As brides continue to inspire other brides, details continue to become more personal. Save the date postcards are wonderful. They are less expensive to mail due to the postage stamp and no envelope. They are easy to hang on the fridge too!

Check out this postcard to be hand written to each guest asking them to save the date and join them as they tie the knot. My hand hurts already! Oh, and I love the monogram with the crown!

Head Piece

Jul 8, 2011

Sunny Save the Dates!

Who wouldn't love to get this fun save the date in their otherwise boring mailbox?! It might even inspire you to make a margarita after receiving this to enjoy while you book your flight to the beach! Drink umbrellas are a little symbol of fun in my world. I am also completely in love with the die cut flags I found on Etsy featuring names. I am trying to think of a reason why I need them.

Items featured:
3 Tiered Tea Stand
Name Flags
Flower Flags

Jun 18, 2011

Special offer through the end of June.


Fresh Pick products:
Napkin Ring
Bride and Groom Forks
Chalk Vases
Carved Initials
NJW Calligraphy
Save the date offer good through June 30th. Offer good for $75 design credit to final order.

Jun 17, 2011

Guess Who?

Here is a fun save the date idea for you! With the help of little bitty envelopes you can add the element of surprise to your save the dates.

Jun 10, 2011

First Birthday

A while back I shared my son's first birthday party invitations I designed. Since then, he has turned one and had a sunny, warm and fun first birthday party! Planning a party is so much less work than planning a wedding thankfully, but I did add quite a bit of a load on my plate in order to make these fun decorations. Here are some pictures from his party!

This was my favorite! This entry decor was designed using the same face I used on his invitation. If you missed the invitation post, here it is and I also re-posted the picture at the bottom.
I created the flag banner by cutting colorful card stock along with some printed flags and adhered them to orange ribbon.
Cupcake toppers are an easy way to personalize decorations. It is also much less work than trying to mold and create fondant animals!

Even with the best intentions for gummy bear grabbers, that little shovel barely was used. Hands must be more efficient.

The oversize confetti on the table was cut with a circle hole punch using paper remnants from the flag ribbons.
Notice the party hat hanging on his high chair? He refused to wear it. Doesn't he understand I made it just for him and cut out that little lion?! :) The wrap around his tray was created using a lei.

Happy Birthday to my one year old!


Jun 2, 2011

4 Years


It's true! By the way, he also shoved cake in my face for the record. We both tried to fake the other out that we wouldn't... and then we did. It doesn't feel like it was 4 years ago when I met my hubby at the alter. It was a beautiful, hot sunny day. Since our wedding, we've been lucky with warm sunny weather every anniversary weekend. This Saturday is going to be a gorgeous day! I'm thankful for that since this Saturday is our son's first birthday party!

I wanted to share my cake topper with you. This is one of the most meaningful pieces to date from our wedding. Before my husband and I were even engaged, we were browsing the Christmas section at Target together. Okay, I made him come with me to look at the Christmas decor. To my surprise, he grabbed a Christmas ornament and suggested it would make a great cake topper. He told me how it looked like us as a couple. How thoughtful, how cute, I bought it without a thought. Because of the sincere and sweet place that cake topper/tree ornament came from it means so much to me. After our wedding, I crafted it back into a Christmas ornament and every year it hangs on our tree as a gentle reminder of our special day.

May 30, 2011

Wedding Invitation Special Delivery

A boxed invitation is the ultimate way to make a statement in mailboxes across the country! Yes, it does add a bit of cost to the invitation and to mail but think of how excited everyone will be to open this and see what sweet surprise awaits them.

Why do I love boxed invitations? Beautiful full bows adorned with a leaf (as featured) or charms, or flowers, or sea shells or even candy! Wouldn't it be neat to have paper butterflies inside?

The inside lid for the box is an ideal spot to put one of your favorite engagement pictures you are eager to share and your guests would love to see too.


May 24, 2011

The Scoop on Enclosures

You have your heart set on creating the perfect invitation, but what about the enclosures? What do you need and what are they for?


Reception Cards:
If you are going to have your wedding ceremony at a different location than your reception, consider including a reception card. This would include the location and time of the reception celebration.

Including a reception card is also necessary if your guest of your ceremony differ from the guest list of your reception.

The reception card is placed in the envelope on top of the invitation.

Wedding Response Cards
Your response cards enable your guests to communicate with you. Guests can share whether they will attend, how many will attend and their choice for food if choices are offered.

The response card is placed on top of the reception card. Include a date to respond by and a stamped envelope with your address included.

Postcard response cards are also acceptable. The great part about using a reply postcard is that you will save on postage cost along with the envelope cost.

Directions and Maps
A direction or map card is essential if you have out of town guests traveling in. The map should not be a screen shot of online maps, it should be a map formatted to the design of your invitations. You must check your directions before having these printed.

Accommodation Cards
If you are having a destination wedding or a local wedding with several out-of-town guests, consider including an accommodation card.

Accommodation cards could include information for your guests like airports, hotel options, area attractions and wedding locations. If you have booked accommodations for a wedding group, this information would be stated on your accommodation card.

Web Sites
If you've created a special website for you as a couple and about your wedding, a simple card could be included in your invitation for your wedding website.

May 23, 2011

Bride and Groom Place Mats

I don't know about you, but I find crayons and paper irresistible! Looking for a playful alternative to white linens? Consider Bride and Groom place mats that are appropriate (and fun) for any age! Are you planning to have a kid's table? This might be just the trick to provide extra entertainment for those kiddos!
Here are some creative ways to display crayons. Use crayon colors that match the color scheme of your wedding but make sure to have at least two colors. I threw in a cute candy display too that would be a sweet addition for your kid table.

Candy Cones
Crayon Dish
Crayon Vase
Crayon Mason Jars

May 20, 2011

Golf Theme Wedding "Fore" You!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if weddings never took a turn from their extremely traditional ways. As a guest at a wedding, it is so enjoyable to see a couple's personality shine through. I've heard so many great stories from brides I have worked with of creative ways they find to express what makes them unique as a couple. Embrace your interests and find ways to share them in your wedding. If golf is a part of your life as a couple, you may find some things that interest you below. Enjoy!


Golf ball ring photograph
Golf themed engagement shoot
Ball marker
Argyle bow ties
Golf cake
Golf cookies

May 19, 2011

Country Love

What do I love more than paper? Well, many things but one thing is Country. I have quite a few designs that have a bit of western flair popping through. Country is in my roots as a stationery designer since this western invitation earned me national recognition with Bridal Guide Magazine. Naturally, I was excited about the recent country fairy tale wedding of Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert joining the ranks of Faith & Tim. US Weekly's current issue has exclusive pictures of their beautiful, country style wedding. So adorable! I never get tired of seeing a bride and the bridal party in boots!
Here is one of my newest western invitation designs. What do you think?

Wedding Photo
Engagement Shot
Wood Heart Sign

May 17, 2011

The Meaning of Blue

Are you considering the meaning of a color before picking your wedding colors? Each color provokes a different emotion and creates an atmosphere. Considering blue?

Blue is the overwhelming favorite color by both men and women universally. When combining different shades of light and dark blue, it creates a sophisticated style and atmosphere. Pantone named "Sky Blue" the color of the new millennium in 1999. Blue has a calming effect and can help free the stress of the day. If you are after a calm, cool and collected wedding, maybe blue is perfectly suited for you!



Blue Shoes
Blue-Hued Champagne

May 16, 2011

Natural Beauty

Every once in a while I come across a series of images by a talented photographer and become inspired. I admire their ability to capture details in a photo. I like to think I have that ability in my craft. Details are often times the base of my invitation designs. After seeing several collections of photographer's images of nature inspired weddings, I'd like to pass some inspiration along starting with an invitation of course!




Guest Book Stones
Bird Cage
Birch Pillars

May 13, 2011

Design Crush: Office

Does your workspace need a face lift? I've found some cute items that might do the trick!
Paint Cans
Light Switch Cover
Doodle Frame

May 12, 2011

Wedding Tea Time?

With the royal wedding behind us, you can't help but imagine how Kate's life is forever changed. I know I'd love to read a book about her new life and how she adjusts to a royal status but she will likely never be allowed to give those details.

Seattle has a sweet spot you may have heard of called the The Tuscan Tea Room. This is the place to venture for a taste of the royal treatment. It is an Italian inspired tea room with over 65 teas from around the world and luscious cuisine. Within the shop is also Romanza Floral, a full service premium wedding floral studio. Here is a picture of the inside:


What party is complete without a beautiful invitation? Featured below is an invitation inspired by tea! Complete with a delicate die cut doily, hand stamped initial and tied off with a bow.


Feeling inspired thinking of a tea party theme for your wedding, bridal party or perhaps as a bridal shower? Here are items for all things tea, cheers!

Products Featured:

Tea Towel

Rose Ring
Hair Piece

May 11, 2011

First Birthday Party Invitation

It's my birthday today! I felt it was the perfect day to post a birthday party invitation design— it isn't for me, it is for my baby!

I was a bride 4 years ago and soon I will have been a mom for 1 year. Wow. I remember after marrying my husband, I wondered how I could ever love anyone more than I loved him— and my mom. Then I had my son and I realized quickly that my heart expanded at an immeasurable pace. I love my little guy so much and I'm very excited, yet sad, that he is turning one!

Designing his birthday invitations was so much fun. I'll post pictures of the matching decor I'm working on after his party. For now, here is his invitation and also a few pictures of me and my little family to share with you.

This invitation features an envelope liner with a cute surprise waiting for the opening recipient. The invitation is held with a die cut backer card to give it dimension and even more color.
Photographers: newborn: Emily Schultz, 9 month: Kathryn Krogstad

May 10, 2011

The Art of Calligraphy With Nellie

I thought I could do calligraphy with ease but after I tried my hand with the pen, I realized there is a little more to it than just a free flowing way to write. You need a steady hand, patience, consistency, an ability to stage the address in the appropriate space and it needs to be your passion.

Meet Nellie with NJW Calligraphy. Passion meets the pen.
Beautiful, right? Nellie has a natural talent to put ink on paper. She is a self taught calligraphy artist. To me, that means a born natural! What makes her more impressive is that she balances this while caring for her little boy, something Nellie and I have in common. I love supporting other working moms whenever possible. It really is a labor of love.

Traditional or creative calligraphy takes on a new breath of life when a colored envelope is used. My favorite is the black envelope with the white calligraphy- stunning. All envelopes featured in the images are mailable. I would recommend taking your ready to mail invitations into the post office to be hand canceled and prevent possible machinery mangling. Want to see more? Visit her Etsy shop!

May 9, 2011

Your Face on a Stamp


After spending so much time and thought on your invitations, a stamp should be carefully selected too. Even with as many stamps the post office can offer you, it may not hit the mark. Thankfully, we can create a customized stamp too! Consider using a favorite picture, a monogram or a detail pulled from your invitation.

You can learn more about creating custom stamps here and below are more ideas.

May 5, 2011

Design Crush: Kitchen

We all need dish towels so why not get the cuter ones? I love when daily items we use break out of the ordinary and help make the day more interesting like the items featured below.
Make your table settings a little less ordinary with menus designed to match your wedding stationery.

Products Featured:
Green Dot Towel
Utensil Towel
Tasting Cups
Dining Chair
I Love Lucy apron

May 4, 2011

Bride-to-be, Miss Mallory

Here are some behind the scene photos of putting together Mallory's invitations. Mallory wanted an elegant look with a modern feel. She sent over some images for inspiration to show me things that had caught her eye along with images of some of her wedding decor. From there, I started getting busy with design. Since she happens to be one of my very best friends and I'm her Matron of Honor, I am familiar with her style. The great thing about this design is that it's easy to use hints of throughout her wedding. Love it.

To complete this look, Mallory used a black envelope and addressed them with a white pen. I personally love white ink on colored paper!

I created the custom address stamp for the return address on her envelopes for use with a white inkpad. This is a bonus because now she has an awesome return address stamp ready and waiting for their first Christmas cards as a married couple!
Here are shots of custom mugs I made for Mallory; this was her bridal shower gift from me. The reason I love this (she loved them too) is because it is a daily reminder of her upcoming wedding. Long after it is over, she'll have these mugs as a reminder of her day.