Apr 13, 2011

A design with legs

I get excited when I talk with a bride who really understands and sees the potential of customizing a design for her wedding. A design with legs... Not only can invitations pack a powerful punch but so can some other neat details you may not have thought of. The small things can really make a big impact.

Here are some ideas on how you can use your custom design across your whole wedding:

Wine labels printed with your monogram
Aisle runner
Drink coasters
Table signs
Guest book
Cocktail napkins
Glass ball ornaments
Table runner using printed material with the pattern from your invitation
Area signs
Custom menus
Pull elements of your invitation into your cake design

And don't forget the thank you cards. I love the idea of using an image from your wedding for your thank you card and including a link of where they can view the rest of your photographs. So often, guests are apart of your big day but don't get to see all your beautiful wedding shots.

Happy planning!

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