Apr 1, 2011

Simple Invitation Tips

Over the years of working with brides I've learned there are few things that will make invitations a little simpler once you get started.

Invitations are such an important part of a wedding and require all ducks to be in a row before putting the seal of approval on the details that will print on your beautiful invitations. Some brides are surprised at how stressful completing invitations and coordinates can be. So, here it is, a few things that will make your invitations a little easier!
  • Wording is tricky. Everyone's family is different and sometimes quite complicated. There is a nifty site I've sent many brides to for help in this arena. Check out www.verseit.com. (Once on site, click "verse it" on the upper right.) This site will prompt you for details and then provide you with options specific to your needs. Use this as a base to customize your own or replace the blanks with your information.

  • Gathering addresses can take time. If you do a good job of this when you gather names for you save the dates, it will save you a lot of time when you start sending your wedding invitations and thank you cards. Even years after my wedding, I still refer to the same address book I used to send my Christmas cards. Call me old fashioned, but I do still love an actual address book.

  • Consider sending a postcard reply card in place of a reply card and envelope. This is a nice way to save cost on envelopes and a bit in postage but also is less of a hassle when they start to arrive back in your mail box. Depending on how traditional your wedding is, a reply card and envelope still might be best.

  • Last tip I share often is that you can start addressing those envelopes early. This way when your fabulous invitations arrive, you'll be ready to stuff and send. We can arrange to print your envelopes early if you'd like the return address printed to help you start addressing ahead of time.
Any other tips to share that you found helpful? I'd love to hear them :)

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