Apr 14, 2011

Handmade papers you'll love

My husband David and I were enjoying dinner and chatting about our day. Out of no where I excitingly popped up to grab a new swatch book of amazing paper samples I had received. I was so excited about the new line and couldn't wait to show it off. Naturally, I got a blank stare with my husband's comment... only you! Yes, who else would get so excited about paper and want to share it at dinner in conversation? Yours truly.

Handmade paper is gorgeous. It takes the experience of an invitation to the next level. Textures to feel, layers to incorporate, the unique cut of each piece since it is handmade.

Love, love, love!

Here are some examples of the many handmade paper options available. There are several in many colors and patterns. This makes a great match to a leaf embellishment or a monogram stamp too!


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