Apr 11, 2011

Where does my inspiration come from?

My creative inspiration comes from many places. For years, I've clipped and saved things that I love, things that have bold or unique patterns and colors. Things that are well thought out, beautiful fonts, clever home displays and textiles. Inspiration rarely comes from purely the wedding industry. Often times for me, it is coming from magazines I read, mailings I subscribe to, restaurants I visit or print pieces that pass in front of me. You may be surprised to hear that my husband provides me with great insight on a project too! He will be looking over my shoulder and pipe in with a comment or suggestion and he seems to always have the best ideas! For this and many more reasons, I don't know what I'd do without him!

I created a book to hold this eye candy. Since I started this, I've made a couple of these books. I treasure them. It is so enjoyable for me to flip through them when I am stuck or needing a buzz of inspiration. I've also saved meaningful quotes and articles.

I put together a sampling of pages from my inspiration books and show how the inspiration was applied to a design along with how it was used.


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