May 10, 2011

The Art of Calligraphy With Nellie

I thought I could do calligraphy with ease but after I tried my hand with the pen, I realized there is a little more to it than just a free flowing way to write. You need a steady hand, patience, consistency, an ability to stage the address in the appropriate space and it needs to be your passion.

Meet Nellie with NJW Calligraphy. Passion meets the pen.
Beautiful, right? Nellie has a natural talent to put ink on paper. She is a self taught calligraphy artist. To me, that means a born natural! What makes her more impressive is that she balances this while caring for her little boy, something Nellie and I have in common. I love supporting other working moms whenever possible. It really is a labor of love.

Traditional or creative calligraphy takes on a new breath of life when a colored envelope is used. My favorite is the black envelope with the white calligraphy- stunning. All envelopes featured in the images are mailable. I would recommend taking your ready to mail invitations into the post office to be hand canceled and prevent possible machinery mangling. Want to see more? Visit her Etsy shop!

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