May 12, 2011

Wedding Tea Time?

With the royal wedding behind us, you can't help but imagine how Kate's life is forever changed. I know I'd love to read a book about her new life and how she adjusts to a royal status but she will likely never be allowed to give those details.

Seattle has a sweet spot you may have heard of called the The Tuscan Tea Room. This is the place to venture for a taste of the royal treatment. It is an Italian inspired tea room with over 65 teas from around the world and luscious cuisine. Within the shop is also Romanza Floral, a full service premium wedding floral studio. Here is a picture of the inside:


What party is complete without a beautiful invitation? Featured below is an invitation inspired by tea! Complete with a delicate die cut doily, hand stamped initial and tied off with a bow.


Feeling inspired thinking of a tea party theme for your wedding, bridal party or perhaps as a bridal shower? Here are items for all things tea, cheers!

Products Featured:

Tea Towel

Rose Ring
Hair Piece

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